GDevCon N.A. Ticket Raffle

Binary Palette believes in community engagement, and is a proud sponsor of GDevCon N.A. Along our journey, we have received a lot of support from the community, and now, as a way to Pass It On, and to encourage community participation, Binary Palette is excited to sponsor one ticket to GDevCon N.A., to be held in Golden, CO on July 18-20, 2023.

The ticket will be allotted by a raffle draw. The draw will be conducted through at 12:00pm EST on May 15, 2023. That should give the winner enough time to plan travel for the conference.

To protect your personal information, and to have some fun while doing this, we will use a globally unique identifier (GUID) as your ticket number. When you join the raffle, you’ll receive a GUID generated by … you guessed it … “Create NI”.

At the time of the draw, all the ticket GUIDs will be run through a randomizer. The first element in the randomized string array will be the winner. After the draw, you’ll receive a verification code from, which you can use to verify the results of the drawing. If there is enough interest among the participants, we will broadcast the draw live.

If you wish to join this raffle, please fill out the below. Note: Your contact information will never be shared with any third party.

By joining the raffle, you consent to be contacted by Binary Palette.