About Us


I am a Certified LabVIEW Architect and a Mechanical Engineer. I’ve been developing large-scale applications using LabVIEW for about two decades and using TestStand and VeriStand for the last several years. I have extensive experience in creating software for automated test systems for the automotive, defense, and aerospace industries.

I was a co-founder of a high-tech start-up that developed a 3D Acoustic Holography system for visualizing sound and identifying noise sources with applications in the automotive, aerospace, and appliance industries.


We at Binary Palette are all about increasing our users’ productivity and simplifying their work lives, all while making the experience enjoyable.

Integrity: We believe in strong work ethics.

Learning: A culture of humility and continuous learning is a bedrock principle of the company. “Learning never stops’, and this has been a strong value system and the binding pillar behind our growth.

Passion: Believe it or not, we spend more time at work than at home. What we do most of the day should be enjoyable. Having fun doing what we do ensures that we are always at our best: innovating, creating, and finding the best possible solutions.

Quality: We believe that we will be known for what we do. We pay attention to every detail and adhere to the highest standards to leave a lasting impression.